Keeping an Eye on the Temperature

October 9, 2001


I don’t want to be another drifter wandering aimlessly through life without a layer of security to call home. This lifestyle used to appeal to me, but I now know how quickly I would lose my sanity in this type of atmosphere. Five and a half months of my life have been spent talking, working, and living with such drifters, and I cannot begin to express how ready I am to be among familiar faces, research papers, and algebra exams…Electric Peak is currently hidden behind a cloud of snow, and the surrounding rolling hills have been dusted for the first time this autumn, but Gardiner has yet to be christened, receiving only mud puddles and drenched asphalt to quench the thirst for winter. I am not unhappy. Rain has been a much needed presence this summer and in its absence, dry and relentless heat has pounded on my nerves. Air pollution from the many lightning-started forest fires has been extinguished and I am thankful for my late October extension. Two more weeks and the redwoods of northern California will be in my possession.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist

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