Leaving with the Rest

September 1, 2001


The final stretch lay before me and my time away from “everyday” has been spent carelessly; swiftly. I have made substantial connections that, hopefully, will broaden my window of opportunity. Scenery that steals my temporary backyard has become a familiar sight to my spoiled eyes, yet I know I will not fully appreciate the beauty of my view until I am once again among towering asphalt hidden behind smoggy air with miles ahead possessing nothing but disturbed land to entertain my eyes.

Another full moon shines bright in the small town of Gardiner, Montana. Coyotes can be heard in the distance probably somewhere near Jardin where Golden eagles are in abundance and gravel roads disappear into forests of trees. During the summer months in Gardiner about 500 people are accounted for, during fall, winter and spring only about 250 people are left. Moose and elk roam freely down the “main street” and a dog can be found at any existing family owned establishment.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist

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