And That’s It

January 3, 2002


I did absolutely nothing today. At 2:00 pm I finally decided to get out of bed and fixed myself a “morning” Dr. Pepper. After smoking a cigarette, I took an hour long bath and toked off my one-hitter while bathing. Breakfast was two slices of pizza dipped in ranch enjoyed on the couch in front of the T.V. This is actually a habit I broke myself of while in Yellowstone. We, of course, didn’t own a television, and after the first week or so, I didn’t really miss it. My meals were spent looking out the window at the meandering river set deep in the valley of the foothills and mountain ranges, but today I did not have such luxuries and settled for the Fox lineup featuring “The Simpsons”, “King of the Hill”, and “The Drew Carey Show”. I think I might have watched Mrs. Doubtfire as well, part of it anyway. My best friend came home today from her mother’s house which delights me for I have been lonely without her. Tomorrow my mother, Gwen, and I are attending the matinee showing of “Vanilla Sky”.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist