December 15, 2001


It was easier to score weed in Montana than it is in Houston. It seems I had more friends in Montana as well. When I’m there I want to be here, and when I’m here I would rather be there. Never happy.

There was a time when youth prevailed and two they walked in foreign land, but relentless was age in the hour of prime and the moment had failed to endure…12/19/01

“If such a creature does exist then wouldn’t we be inclined and expected to question and re-examine those confessions that we have dismissed as being folklore, fantasy, and legend?”

“He has walked this earth longer than time usually allows, he has cheated gravity and the effects of age, he has misused and dishonored his God-given gift of possessing pure genius: He is such a creature, but such a creature, in spite of obvious and significant advancements, is still human.”

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist