Diary of a Pothead

May 24, 2002


I just like to sit around smoking pot and listening to my CD’s. I mean, I’ll just sit there, no task at hand, no deep thoughts, no plan of action, nothing. I’ll just listen to the music. Music that I’ve heard but never tire of it. Sometimes I wonder if the only thing I truly want out of life is to just sit around in my room all day undisturbed and well-stocked playing my imaginary games. Not a great writer, or scientist, or musician, but just a nobody caught up in her insignificant world and a perfect understanding of ignorance. The easy way out, perhaps. But being blessed with the need to feel as if I have something to prove, I am thus driven to acquire, accomplish, and advance. It is this driving force that separates me from a full-fledged, good-for-nothing and clueless pothead.

I hope we are upon another awakening. A revolution. I hope the government is not as corrupt as I fear. A conspiracy. I hope God, in whatever sense of the word, really exists. A reason. I hope we are upon another realization. A vision.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist