Record High Temperatures

April 24, 2002


“When you awake in the morning your eyes will fall heavy upon the majestic glimmering of a snow-covered mountain range. The 52 mile bus ride to Gardiner will surround you with a range on each side, and when you reach your destination, Electric Peak will be resting in loyalty waiting to greet you.”

My best friend said I was just torturing myself, but I told her I would be like this anyway regardless of Kirk working there this summer. Talking about it helps keep it alive and real. I don’t want to forget my experience. I don’t want it to turn into some far away dream.

Something has occurred that possesses great significance, but I have been too occupied and involved to locate, analyze, and perceive this distracting presence. 4/26/02

This is where it begins. I am here for the summer to tie up loose ends and make sure that I am not attempting to walk blind. It seems to me that the more experience a person has, the more fear that person must also acquire. 4/27/02

Inspiration. What is it that I really want? Memories of last summer are becoming a full-fledged obsession, and as I lay eyes on my friends tonight, thankful for their presence, I realize how little we change and how much we take for granted. Where is home? 4/28/02

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist