A Note from a Lover

July 19, 2002


You have come a long way my beautiful lady. Comparisons are nothing but repeated tendencies of negativity, and you must keep in mind that you are, indeed, the best. I love you with all my heart, but we definitely have some knots we need to work through. I need you to come to your senses and, once again, recognize your own greatness. Look where you’ve been! Look what you’ve seen! Past journals have only dreamed about the experiences you’ve captured. Don’t fall too hard, for despite sudden changes, you are moving forward. It is imperative that you know that your worst enemy, fear, will never die, but let me be the first to remind you that you have conquered and defeated him many times in the past. You are still quite young, and quite capable of giving yourself exactly what you want. We will not be ruled by the past, you and I, for nothing will replace or erase missing links and adolescent sex. You hold some of the world’s best kept secrets, but they have finally met their expiration date. That part of your life was ended quite abruptly and unplanned in the Red Canyons of New Mexico. You did what needed to be done. It’s been a long time comin’.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist