A Note to My Brother

May 25, 2002


You are exactly where I’ve been, but I am not envious of your taking my place. We must mark our territory in as many locations as possible remembering, of course, to keep the lines of communication wide open. I miss you in your absence, but perhaps we can dredge some sort of temporarily permanent habitat through these lines of connection. I am speaking, still, of moving camp for unhappy faces have yet to change expression. They have cut down all the trees where we presently reside and what little amount of forest that still exists has already been bought and sold to corporations whose structures already stand not ten minutes from their future developed land. It is maddening. But we know how it can be where nature is preserved and a balance between environmental protection and industrial growth is met. You and I are much alike and envisioning you taking the same hikes I ventured, sleeping under the same roof I slept, and enduring all that I had to endure helps to keep these experiences alive in my mind. I often fear that I may spend the rest of my life just as alone as I’ve always been, but while your feet remain planted on this earth, so will mine.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist