Still, More Verses

July 21, 2002


Oh me, what are we, and in the realm of discovery, how do I proceed?

I’ve lost my concept of time, but it’s okay because he was never a friend of mine.

Voices from the nether regions of Big Timber, Montana bellow a series of greetings through extended phone lines. They are drunk, they are high, it is late, and I am jealous.

What to do for the next year? Shall I work at an unknown job until I save enough money to drive up to Bozeman to continue my college career? That sounds far-fetched, but I have been there before, and with connections already made, I won’t be completely alone.

I must turn in for I have church in the morning and I intend to pay full attention to what Pastor Fritz has to say.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist