A Little Bit of Everything

August 12, 2002


Sometimes inspiration comes in small doses. You have to find something you’re passionate about, even if it’s only for thirty minutes.

I’ve got Montana on my mind. An application for admissions into the University of Montana arrived in the mail today, and I have already begun to figure financial needs in my head. I think I am almost convinced that if I am unable to cover out-of-state tuition, I will have to settle into the Bunk House for as long as it takes. I need new material, and although side-tracked for a year or two, I am back on track nursing the remnants of my first true love.

She wants to move to LA to become a famous model, but has she ever stopped to question the possibility of such a plot ever materializing? Does she know what she’s up against? Does she understand that time is passing her by?

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist