Early Morning Ravings

December 28, 2002


The night is mine just as it always has been, and as the guilt starts to filter through my thoughts about still being awake at four in the morning, I quickly brush it aside remembering that I am not in tune with most of my fellow earthlings.

And often my thoughts drift to Yellowstone where I experienced more in that six months than my years past. I discovered another dimension of myself that had apparently been lying dormant for some time, and I have a great deal of respect for the nature of complexity.

But I will stay up until five, or six, or seven or until my eyes can no longer perform the task needed for me to obtain vision. You see, now and again it is necessary to indulge in the illegal substances that can give you that extra boost when most needed, but keep in mind that overindulgence is a bad thing.

As much as I complained about community living, I did, overall, enjoy the availability of such a diverse group of newly found friends. It is difficult for me to imagine not ever seeing them again, but as we were once gathered in one confined location, we are now spread out across the globe, separated by oceans, mountains, lakes, and deserts.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist