From One Box to Another

December 30, 2002


Lately I have seen what I needed to see, and as unpleasant as it was, I kept watch as if in awe. And this thing it did not move or wink or flinch or budge, but kept watch as if to beg my mercy upon a death bed. In awe, I did not speak or utter my response until the other cast down their eye and I secured my place on high. My mercy did it seek, well, why should I comply when my state is perfectly calm and of no concern at all? My state of mind is willful and in control this time, and my need to please is abandoned debris tossed lazily into the sky.

I have to shake off this dream before it drives me insane.

Absent-mindedly I have been packing away my life into various small boxes light enough for me to lift and transport to another phase of time. I am familiar with what is unknown and only fear what is already known. I fear everything but this doesn’t stop me from moving forward, it only challenges me.

This room is bare and I have nowhere to stare and so alone I will be in a place unknown to me but it’s always hard to leave.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist