Stuck in the Dark Ages

November 14, 2002


I think I’ve got a handle on things for the time being. Come January 14, 2003, I will be a fulltime student at the University of Houston in Clear Lake. The location is 30 minutes away from Galveston, which is awesome, and I’ll be living “on campus” in a one bedroom apartment. With a Stafford loan and a Pell Grant, I might be able to cover my living expenses. I’m hoping to land a part-time job with this program called Coop, through the school, but we’ll see. My experience, thus far, in trying to score a job has been painfully unsuccessful. I have now come to the conclusion that I was setting my sights too low. Vitaworld did call me back and scheduled an interview, but when my honesty got in the way and I confessed to my future plans of returning to college this spring when my would-be boss asked the inevitable question, the interview was lost along with my would-be job. Then came the Target interview. It was one of those occasions when you go in to fill out an application, land an interview that very same day, and are hired on the spot. One would think the position would “be in the bag”, however, one would be wrong. After shaking hands and discussing my uniform, he handed me papers meant to be taken down to the local hospital for a standard drug test. “Just normal procedure,” he said. “Company policy.” I smiled and told him thanks for the job. With a month and a half left before I pick up residence in Clear Lake, I have given up on finding a job here. Oh yeah, I also spent two hours taking test after test at a temp agency and they never called back. I am nervous about this up and coming transition that I must willingly, and with an optimistic mind, engage. I only know that something must be done before I am too far behind to catch up with a world I have never really felt a part of. In protest to the many, many lower-level classes I would still need to take to major in environmental science, I changed my major to communications. I am ready for some kind of life other than sleeping and smoking the days away dreaming about an unrealistic future. Maybe in another five years I shall realize that no matter what my life involves, there will always be dreams about an unrealistic future.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist