August 13, 2002


It never seized to amaze me. Every day for six months Electric Peak was in my backyard, and each time I set my gaze upon this ancient formation, I was instantly captivated, but never was it as beautiful as when it was covered in snow. After the first fall dusting, Electric Peak was transfigured into a wholly different deity. Hidden behind clouds until a masterpiece is born, she peeks faithfully through thinly covered areas to assure her followers that she has not been chiseled away into dust. Aside from the nobility of lustrous snow-covered alps, I was equally inspired by the changing of the season. A first for yours truly. Patches of red and yellow tones began appearing in trees along the roadside, and the hills in the backdrop of my favorite river bank also began to exhibit this same behavior. Magnificent. How is it that I had been deprived such natural luxuries for the better part of my life? How much longer can I stay away, removed from my newly acquired addiction? I can do without so much now, but there is still more to leave behind.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist