The Big Score

December 29, 2002


When picking up a big order it is out of pure generosity that the dealer not talk about his recently being pulled over by a cop or various friends and buyers who have been busted leaving the neighborhood. But nothing went wrong and I quickly ended the taboo conversation by stating that I had to be in church tomorrow morning which was true. I handed the monstrous orange bong to the front seat smokers, listened to the rest of his story to avoid being rude, and bade farewell to my friends and their parked Cadillac.

She’s a wino who dances naked on tabletops for free yet complains about the chance that someone might see her. She sleeps in a cot instead of his bed and claims that age doesn’t matter to her. She is as old as his youngest daughter. He is a senior citizen. Oh, but love is in the air and the two they just don’t care about family welfare or the sick lust affair they share. But what she doesn’t know is that he keeps the Mona Lisa in his closet and milks his mistresses for all they’re worth, and what he doesn’t know is that she will say or do almost anything for someone to take care of her.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist