The Porosity of Positivity

December 26, 2002


It is now that I shall forever cherish. Perfecting my technique for prolonging the moment, I am realizing how difficult it really is and how wrong I have been on so many points.

My heart is over-flowing with a newfound love for life. I am coming out of the dark ages, and following in a sequence of small leaps. I am entering a new, much-needed era.

There is a tendency I tend to follow which is nothing short of an overdose on negativity, but 25 years of this unfortunate fact has led to stagnancy, and an overdose on positivity is the only agreeable solution.

A vibe in the air has caught a violent breeze and is rapidly drifting towards all four corners. It is pale in color and emits a familiar yet recognizable scent that has overtaken my sense of smell. Pleasant by nature and inspirational by form, I am thankful for its strong presence.

Slowly but surely I am beginning to fully grasp how blessed I truly am, but even that is not enough. After something is within grasp, one must figure out how to use it.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist