Two Rugs and a Lamp

January 4, 2003


Flooded by overused emotions, I am unsure of how to balance out this unexpected overdose before it overcomes me. Happiness, excitement, fear, anticipation, and sadness infest my peace of mind, but it is the latter of the five that has made its way deeper into my psyche than any other.

Tonight I would like to shed my adulthood and swim in the carefree world as a child. I should like to bask in the days of never ending youth that seemed impossible to outgrow.

These days are through, I have come to the end of almost a decade of calculating my long-awaited move, but something went wrong when I returned the first time, something softened my dislike for current existing conditions. In the past year I have spoken little about my dreams, aspirations, fears, goals, or admirations because I have said too much in the past and everything else is starting to sound the same. But I am back from vacation and in the mood for change, challenge, and chance to serve as a remedy for my reoccurring case of boredom. This is life after Yellowstone.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist