August 14, 2002


It blows my mind to think about the past. How far I have unknowingly come since my days as a youth. Where to go from here?

I’m going back to Montana, I’ve got it in my blood. Does she miss me as much as I miss her? Does she need me as much as I need her?

Fallen back into a slum, I find it a daily ritual to pick myself up again. But I’m still coming along as slow as possible, I’m still making progress as slow as possible.

Life gets in the way, and I can never remember what there was to say, but I still love you despite it all. Will nothing change the path you’re on? I confess that I am a dreamer and nothing more, but I’m trying to make my mark in an over-populated world, and I fear that perhaps you may have given in, given up, and called it quits.

I am remembering the taste of Moose Drool… “There’s still time to escape. It’s no crime to escape. All those yesterdays.” Pearl Jam

I find it unbelievable that I still don’t have a job. How will I ever make it back to Yellowstone?

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist