Graduation is near, but never mind the fear, the end is almost here, and a beginning is still not clear.

Don’t lose it by acknowledging it. Ignore it as it flows through you. Ignore it but use it, don’t force it.

Wasted time worries my mind in a state of doubt and relief, what could have been had was left to fend off nothingness instead.

Inside the mind’s eye I see nothing at all.

Tonight, to my delight, another page was a success, another poem is earned.

It is happening again, like the past will preach, but I have the means to stop a reoccurring nightmare, I’ll find the means to lessen the blow.

When I heard your familiar voice on my voicemail, I knew it wasn’t over. Couldn’t be that easy. Going through the motions was never something I thought I would have to do with you, then again, wasn’t that all I ever did, physically speaking? But here we are, awkward, estranged and growing old. Well, you’ve grown old but I’ve grown bold, and by the way, to your dismay, I told!

Save it for a rainy day for the weatherman said its well on its way.


Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist