After the Climax

January 12, 2004


Out of touch with traveling aspirations and strangely subdued by six months of visiting unstable land. A shocking reaction to unknown territory resulted in my failure to fully understand my position. Almost three years later, here I am out of touch and grasping pages that should be filled. Lost ritual. Lost verses. Lost talent. My failure to advance my writing skills is a tragedy, a disaster in the unknown depths of my world. But I haven’t been sitting stagnant for accomplishments have been accomplished. One of my favorite entries, “Night Drivers” is going to be published in UHCL’s magazine, Bayousphere. It’s my first real publication. By the year 2005, I will have finally succeeded in obtaining my BA in communication, and what will I do, I have no clue. No, life has not been stagnant, but I still remain restless, unable to concentrate, and lacking the crucial mix of confidence, motivation, enthusiasm, and faith.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist