Disband or Die

June 8, 2004


I want to travel the King’s highway to the end and then turn around and do it again.

I think the musical tides are changing. We are experiencing the backlash of the early to mid-nineties grunge fest. The end of Nirvana also marked the beginning of bad music. Everyone is so whinny these days, and originality is no longer a goal. Bands either sound like Green Day/Blink 182 wannabe’s, or they pathetically attempt to sound like Alice in Chains, with the lead vocalist sounding more like a dying cow than Layne Staley. But I think things are changing for the better. With Slash and Duff McKagan back on the scene we are bound to witness a decline in whiny, alterna-boys plaguing the airwaves. I see good things for Velvet Revolver, if Scott Wieland can manage to stick around. Yes, a change is coming, just like it has always been. Like classic rock in the late sixties to the inevitable 70s disco, and like eighties hair bands to the Seattle sound of the nineties, we will see an end soon, and a much anticipated beginning to another round of pure, raw, mind-altering sound of rock-n-roll music.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist