Late Night Session #?

April 6, 2004


Austin, what can I say? I love even now in the wake of your congested popularity.

I saw the most disturbing thing on the television the other night. Bob Dylan himself, with angel wings, in a Victoria Secret commercial. The day I hear or see Neil Young in a commercial will mark the beginning of the end for rock-n-roll and the world as we know it. “Hey, hey, my, my…”

What else can I complain about? How about our government and Bush’s Viet Nam? Layne Staley wannabe’s? Hummers? The media? Britney Spears and Janet Jackson’s decorated nipple? How about the billion dollar, youth obsessed, plastic surgery industry? Reality TV? Tommy Lee? The death of Cash and the rise of the overly patriotic, flag wavin’, propaganda lovin’ Toby Keith who cashed in on 9/11? How about the search for the infamous Bin Laden? Bin who? One thing at a time.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist