Late-Night Session

January 30, 2003


Childhood adventures have rendered me here to fend for my kind and fight off regret. I shall be more beautiful than I ever thought possible and succeed in any angry and self-absorbed world. I will put to rest complaints and expectations that waste energy and tire my complicated mind. Tonight, a consuming and damaging battle against time, never to be won by the likes of mankind, will be demolished by reluctance to proceed as planned and accept my natural progression through life. I choose to be honest with myself. Through traveling and by means of opening my eyes every morning, I have gathered a small but mentionable collection of wisdom that I keep as reference to my ever-thickening calendar. They are just like me, and anywhere on the map that the needle points contains the exact same elements as I. Pride is foolish and the need for embarrassment is a major premise in the search for self-enlightenment.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist