Plagued by Dead Rodents

July 5, 2004


On the way out of my neighborhood the other day, I saw a squirrel get run over by an SUV. He saw it coming. My Camry was almost culprit. He freaked out, couldn’t find his way, and after running erratically from one side to the other, he found the wrong way. Didn’t make it.

Rats invaded the attic. I’m counting mosquito bites on my exposed body, and although the deadly chemicals emitted from a passing truck are stifling to my lungs, I welcome the toxic spray—we’ll worry about the environmental effects later, I hate those blood-sucking bastards.

A foul odor worsens in the hallway, it is the distinct smell of death. We look to the attic, and upon pulling that inevitable string, rat droppings sprinkle down upon our heads. Who wants to crawl up there and take care of the smell? Find the rotting rodent, dispose of the carcass. Any takers?

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist