Planning Ahead

May 29, 2004


Too much security induces fear, and because of this, I plan on taking it to the road. Graduation is about a year away, and after I obtain my BA, Yellowstone will once again be my destination. It’s a good plan. I’ll be able to pay off some student loans because living expenses up there are next to nothing. I’ll be able to re-evaluate my life and decide what exactly it is I want to do. Yellowstone. I can’t imagine being back. Stacy still goes every summer, she’s up there now and doesn’t plan on returning to the Big Apple. She keeps me in touch with Gardiner life.

Mia and Anita are still there, but JoAnne had to leave because her mom got sick. Brad and Sammy are still there. Lynn and Justin are there, Bob was supposed to show up, but apparently he got lost along the way. No one has heard from him. Ray the Recycling Guy was there, but he had a little accident, and after he recovered, he couldn’t get his job back. Get this. He ran himself over with his own car. I kid you not. He was driving his station wagon across the Bunk House parking lot and didn’t shut his door all the way. He was only going about 20 to 25 mph, but he ended up falling out of the car and somehow rolled underneath it and it ran him over. He’s okay, minor damages, he has enough fat on his body to provide adequate cushioning. I would pay good money to have that on tape, but no such luck, a camcorder wasn’t around. The visual in my head is enough to make me laugh out loud to myself in public. I think that’s probably the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Stacy had a difficult time telling the story due to uncontainable and hysterical laughter. That’s good stuff.

I’m already getting excited about going back, and to be honest, a bit reluctant. I hate not having privacy and I absolutely loath living in the Bunk House. Maybe I can find a cabin to rent somewhere in Gardiner. That’s what Stacy is doing. I’ll have to ask her how much she’s paying. Already planning. I know what to expect this time. I know what to bring and what to leave behind. Better prepared. Older. Wiser. More experienced and toting a BA under my belt. Hopefully I can land a job in Human Resources and not have to deal with Mia or Anita. Yeah. I’ll make more money and have a better job. I hope. I’m not taking classes this summer, and although I now have the motivation needed to graduate as soon as possible, I need a summer off. I need a break from school. I need a break from Houston. Gwen and I are planning a trip to South Padre sometime late summer. My nephew is due to be born in July, and I must be here for that. Gage Holden Niemann. I can’t wait.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist