December 13, 2003


I write when I feel like it, which is very seldom. I used to write every night, whether bad or somewhat worthy, I filled my pages with something to fill space. Tonight, a new, unknown drug introduced me to a sensation I’ve never experienced. I was attached to something inanimate but removed from everything else. Removed from everything and anything outside of my mysterious attachment. My mysterious connection to a couch, or wall, or clock, or table. Five to ten minutes later the semi-mild hallucination subsided and the peacefulness of a Xanax took over and reclaimed command of my body and mind. A commercial infested version of Alice in Wonderland has brought be back down to reality. Even though the effects of a strand of sage only lasted a total of fifteen minutes, an unknown substance, illegal only in Australia, leaves its lingering mark on an unprepared and semi anxiety-ridden body. Smoking this unique form of sage is not something I would recommend doing on a regular basis, but as far as experiencing a harmless, non-addiction forming drug, I guess it’s something worth exploring. Available at your local head shop.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist