Silent Phone (Waiting)

April 9, 2004


Twenty-something idiots wreak havoc outside my bedroom window. I can’t wait to move. Can’t wait to be somewhere else besides here. So I’ve been stood up and it sucks, but hey, that’s the dating game. Screw it. No wonder I never liked participating in that game. A hopeless romantic I guess I am, but I hate putting myself out there. I hate losing. I hate this feeling. So life will go on as it always has, but I will have gained a mild amount of pain, and a great deal of inspiration. I guess I win in the end…

I picture you now in the elevator after our awkward goodbye, and it hits me that you probably never intended on calling. Perhaps you’re not who I thought you were, but how would I really know anyhow? You said you wanted to take it slow, well, there you go.

And I want out of here now more than ever, but where do I go, I no longer know. My destination is not as clear as it once used to be. But I must get back into the groove and discover something else, I’ve nothing to lose. You have caused me great disappointment this Easter weekend, but at least I know I’m not dead.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist