Stagnant Water in Rising Ditches

Here I am, back in time, watching the calendar flip through another year, and here I am, caught up in another minor crisis, worrying about the future and wasting life.

The subtle changes that permanently invade my generation’s face grow more defined. Waves bring in a new tide. Old debris is taken back out to sea, I can see the point on the horizon where brown waters merge with the green, the point where the Gulf flows free of deposits from a muddy river, green waters on the horizon.

But I’m not allowed to venture towards the clear and inviting sea for local rains have produced too much runoff and the sewers are overflowing. My ocean is off limits because of the amount of feces polluting her waves, I am stranded inland waiting for the waters to clear as the sun grows nearer.


Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist