June 21, 2004


Feeling alone again. I am the only one who can relate to myself.

Another summer swelters by, and lately, the brown waters of the Gulf have been a turn off. Nothing new, I’m going nowhere and growing old in the process.

The past has past and all those faces I used to call friends are unrecognizable to me now. I’m better off anyway.

Out of money. Out of time. Out of ideas, I trudge forward believing in hope for it is in our nature to hope.

I am the master of excuses, and with a lifetime of experiences to draw from, for I have not lived an ordinary life, I am just being lazy, I have no reason not to write. “Get it back, whatever it was, retrieve the only talent you’ve got. It still lurks.”

Trying again to stay faithful to what I once believed in. What kept me going. What set me apart.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist