March 31, 2004


I have found a way, but it’s hard to say what direction I have chosen for myself.

I am out of weed and fiending for more, but where do I score, where is my corner store?

Lost in myself again. I’ve been wandering around in a sullen gaze watching the masses drift by and realizing how often I go unnoticed. Sometimes I think I could walk around naked with a gas mask covering my face and would still draw no attention, but I guess everyone feels like that every now and again. Who cares about everybody else, it doesn’t help knowing I’m the same as them. Maybe I’ll go hang out in the bar by myself, have a beer, and write about nothing important. Maybe I’ll continue sitting here listening to an unknown radio station and smoke the rest of my weed. Maybe I’ll just go to sleep.

And here I am, and there you go, and so you see, I’m all I know.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist