December 24, 2003


Night Drivers is going to be published in UHCL’s Bayousphere magazine this spring. My first real publication. Graduation will be arriving this time next year, but let the years pass for I’ve given up keeping count. Foreshadowed by the unprepared future, I no longer feel the need for a journal. Clouded by clichés, I have nothing new to say and my time has already passed for a climax to heighten my interest.

Let them go on to find a family and a better car. Let them find a career behind a computer desk in a world bent on financial success. Let them meet and greet and entertain at parties. Let them pass me by undisturbed as I sigh.

Almost at the end of my college career and facing the inevitable insta-debt. Almost to the end as I realize in fear I hate the path that I’ve drawn.

Nowhere near but halfway clear is a face that I know to be mine.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist