What Are They Doing to the Toothpaste?

September 12, 2003


The teeth of my fellow Americans are glow-in-the-dark white, and I blame this new bleaching epidemic on planet Hollywood. Remaining true to form, my refusal to participate in this annoying fad has inevitably backfired; my teeth have never looked so yellow. I did, however, finally give in to reality TV, and I truly hate myself for being so weak. Basic channels are all that I have access to, and so it shall be understood, I have no other choice but to give in and enjoy the trend.

My feline, Swifty, is feeling very affectionate and his purring is the only sound of which I have to hear. Now he is cleaning the top of his head by licking his paw and then stroking it between his ears. I then have a sharp realization that this is one of those everyday moments that will for some reason, always remain fixed in my memory.

Maybe I do have a journalistic mind, but hard news is not my forte. If I cannot express my opinion, I cannot write.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist