Nothing Shocking (Nothing Sacred)

May 4, 2005


The progression of “popular music” is a frightening and all together irritation thing. I’ve complained about this before, but I think I need a second installment in my account of “popular music” in commercials. Let’s stop beating around the bush.

I almost keeled over dead in my computer chair the other night when I heard one of my favorite bands blaring from an unknown source. For a second, I thought, I wished, that my radio turned on all by itself. I knew this wasn’t possible so I figured my roommate had turned on her radio, but I knew what the source was. I knew where the familiar song was coming from. “Mountain Song” was being used to sell Coors Light. That fabulous beginning bass riff was unmistakable, and when I heard Perry Ferrell’s unique voice belt out the beginning lyrics, “Comin’ down a mountain,” I knew there was no turning back. Nothing’s sacred. Nothing Shocking. Irony gets the best of me when I think about the lyrics of that Janes Addiction song. “Cash in. Cash in honey. Cash in now baby.” I guess I should have seen this one coming, but I still feel as though I’ve just lost my best friend. Worse things have happened. Let us not forget about the legendary Bob Dylan. Not only was one of his songs used for a Victoria’s Secret commercial, not only that, but he appeared in the ad sporting black angel wings. I think it’s safe to say that rock music has lost its edge. Punk is dead, grunge didn’t have a fighting chance, and the recording studios are taking over. Subpop sold out to Capitol a long time ago and there is no room left for anyone to “Break on through” with an original idea. I have only seen the Coors Light commercial once, and I hope to never see it again. Maybe then I’ll still be able to live in denial.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist