Owning Up

August 2, 2005


I’d like to hurry up and find a job so I can concentrate on something other than myself.

Keeping hope and losing faith, I am disillusioned and drowning. Forgotten paths where the idealistic nature of youth paces back and forth at the crossroads are once again catching up with me in the climax of my adulthood. I am moving backwards. There’s so much more, they say. Follow your heart, they say. Do what feels right, they say, but I’m no longer buying it, and I feel and fear and finally figure it out, there is no place for me. I have a friend who just keeps moving, and I have a mind to join her. Fifty states under her belt, thirty some odd candles on her cake, and an odometer that reads infinity, she just keeps moving. My feet are stationary, but I’ve got hope riding on tomorrow.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist