Preparing for Monday with a Beer

July 31, 2005


Rent is due tomorrow. I have yet to find a job. I’m in a bad place right now – a bad point in my life. Graduation Blues. I’m right back where I was seven years ago, except now I’m $20,000 in debt thanks to college, but I’ll still be working a dead end job, hating life and dreaming of something else, something different, something better.

A big part of me is hoping that the University of Phoenix is going to call me sometime this week to inform me that they want to offer me the position. I’ve visualized myself working in a cubicle with a telephone growing out of my head selling education to interested prospects, and every time I do, I retreat into a deep bout of depression – manic tendencies. I bet I wouldn’t last six months.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist