That’s Terrorist Talk

February 15, 2005


I’m sick of halfwits, hypocrites and incompetence.

I am not proud of my country right now, and I’m still in shock that Bush got re-elected. I thought more people felt the way I feel. I thought it was a bigger movement. Our nation is torn and unity only occurs in the wake of another tragedy, and then it quickly fades. I’m steering clear of bumper sticker wars, but still, I can’t help but take a side. Down here in Bush, Texas, plastered on SUV’s and extended-cab trucks, the ever popular “W” is winning the war. I guess he needs to win because the war on terrorism will inevitably lead us to a dead end. Even if terrorism was wiped out in every country on every continent around the globe, we would still have to declare war on ourselves.

So, weapons of mass destruction are still at large, but weapons of mild destruction are still killing soldiers and civilians. I understand the need for war, the need to protect ourselves, but we are reacting to a national tragedy that occurred on our home soil. We had to do something, and since Osama Bin Laden is well hidden in an unknown cave, hopefully running out of air and surviving off his own feces, we had to go after the next best thing, Saddam.

The Iraqi people are free, well, except for suicide bombers and insurgents, but what next? How will things go in North Korea, Libya, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia? One thing is for sure, we’re going to need more soldiers.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist