The Hunt

September 13, 2005


Well, that job at the museum fell through, but I still have prospects, well, one anyway. It’s a position with the International Motion Picture Corp as a locations manager. I got a call back today from a non-responsive, stern and altogether unhappy man. I was driving when I got the call on my cell phone, and he was very displeased about that. “You’re breaking up, this isn’t working, this just isn’t working.” I stopped him from hanging up on me and asked if he would mind calling me back on my land line at 6:30. “Well, we have lots of people to call, we’re really busy, but I’ll try to call.” He called back at 6:24. The phone interview lasted all of 3 minutes, his disposition managed to grow even more irritable in that short time span, and I was told that I would receive another call for a second interview from somebody in the Houston area sometime next week. I don’t know where he was calling from, I don’t even know his name, and I have my doubts about whether I will actually hear from someone. The position calls for travelling locally and nationally for 60 percent of the time. I would be locating sites to use for filming and negotiating renting/leasing fees. The gig pays $950 a week with full benefits and paid travel expenses. The job sounds somewhat intimidating, but they do train. Suffice to say, the all too familiar waiting period will be complete torture. It’s only Tuesday. Later next week is at least a year away.

As for the museum, well, the staff manager informed me that business is really slow right now, and she was cancelling the orientation for new employees because she didn’t need them. I can do better than a part time job making $7 an hour anyway. As for my mental state, I think I’m losing it. I’m drowning in resumes, cover letters, callbacks, and interviews. Perhaps I’m going about things in the wrong way. Perhaps the job field is just not for me.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist