Extreme and Most Extreme

July 2006


We are far and few in between where fear has taken hold and survival kills our time. Dreamers are dying off faster than our Green Earth, and kindred spirits are calling it quits and turning over in the face of defeat. It’s no longer fashionable to go down with the ship, instead they buy themselves some time by selling anything that’s in demand. The age of revolutions died in the 1960’s in America, and freedom of speech will soon die in the 21st century, but before censorship silences even the loudest of voices, let’s be sure we’re not silencing the next great idea. Let’s be sure we’re not silencing Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton or Thomas Edison. Creativity, originality and individualism will have no place in a society that sets boundaries for such things. Fear is the strongest weapon ever discovered, and we are masters of this weapon. When the masses fall prey to fear they will submit and agree to almost anything. Our integrity is being threatened at the hands of our protector, and we are too interested in Brad and Angelina’s new baby to care.

I hear them calling me miles away where I left them, where I said goodbye knowing a lifetime might pass before I was ever able to return. Six more months separate me from vacation – the only way I can leave. The time will go by faster than I would like to admit. I should start planning now.

Nobody’s going anywhere these days. Close the beaches until further notice. Ban summer and pray for rain, vacation is too expensive to enjoy.

September 12, 2006

In limbo yet diving deeper, our lungs tighten as we descend. We grow bored in our old age as intolerance drips from our lips. But it was never me to turn a cold shoulder, or shrug off a newborn verse. I had passion in sleep and a heart for the weak, I was open in mind and in soul.

In limbo and treading the air, we burn holes in the thickening sky. Our days have crossed a crossroad as vanity replaces truth. But it was never me to judge without knowledge or put off a longtime love. I was wide-eyed with hope and my dreams were in scope, I was anxious and eager to live.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist