Ike: Coming at Ya

September 12, 2008 (afternoon)


Galveston is being overtaken. Ocean waters litter her streets slapping the seawall violently with the storm still 12 hours away. On a calm, normal day the ocean usually rests about 20 feet below the seawall. Islanders woke up this morning in shock to find water surrounding their homes. The decision to stay home and “hunker down” instead of evacuating proved to be a bad one. It’s daunting to think that the flooding in Galveston isn’t even from the storm surge. Again, the storm has yet to arrive, the flooding, which is already about 3 feet deep on the strand, is from the bay waters, but Ike is coming and unlike recent storms before, this one doesn’t look like it intends on turning – this one will be a direct hit.

Late Afternoon

I have a very bad head cold and my menstrual cramps have me doubled over, but the storm is coming and there’s no time to be sick. My roommate and I have stocked up on food and water that should last us for about a week. We also have batteries, a radio, and a limited supply of ice. We’ve filled the bathtub and the water filter and our cars both have full tanks of gas. We’ve brought all the lawn furniture inside and taped up the windows, but after watching the most recent news coverage on the coming storm, I now wish we had boards to cover the windows. We’ve only been in this townhouse for a year, but the complex has been around since the seventies, also, the San Jacinto River surrounds our neighborhood, but officials say it’s not supposed to flood on the north side. I hope they’re right because it already looks higher than normal, and the rain has yet to come. My grandfather is here with us. We evacuated him from his house in Bay City yesterday because it was looking like Matagorda Bay was going to get a direct hit, but it looks like we just brought him closer to the storm. Right now, Ike is a category 2 storm, but with sustained winds at 110 mph, it’s a strong Cat. 2. In fact, category 3 storms start with winds at 111 mph. The eyewall of the storm is supposed to hit Galveston at around 2 in the morning. I guess I’ll just stay in bed and watch the news repeat itself until TV is no longer an option. I’m pretty sure I’m running a low grade fever. Maybe I’ll try and get a nap in.

14 Days Nine Hours…

And then there was light.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist