Meditating on the Beach

April 2006


I spent all my money this weekend on a beach excursion that was much needed and greatly enjoyed. The gulf was still too cold for my liking, but the cool sea breeze, soft sand and grassy dunes were enough to bring me back around. I flirted with a passing surfer and hiked behind the snake infested dunes to relieve myself of the two cans of Budweiser I had downed. The only time I drink canned beer is on the beach. It tastes horrible anywhere else, but on the beach there’s nothing better. I bought a skim board for $25 at a Matagorda gift shop where I always get my season beach pass. The cold water kept me from putting it to use, but by the end of the summer, I hope to have the skim board conquered. It’s my first step in learning how to surf on a bonafide surf board. I also bought a shark tooth ring for $4.06 at the gift shop, but I can’t wear it because it’s way too sharp. Thing gets stuck on everything and I cut myself every time I wear it, but I still dig it. I want to actually have fun this summer and quit worrying about finances and the future. When did I become so uptight? I don’t want to spend my 30’s and beyond worrying about old age and death. I hate them both, and they will be here faster than I could ever imagine, so why try? I’m thinking I might need to take up meditation because my mind is unfocused and working way too much overtime.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist