Restless and Uptight

Again it’s time to jump right in, let life begin. Again, we have stayed too long falling victim to immobility. Like an old car, we stall when ignited at first, but it will come back to us just like that old Buick. Unforgettable moments are building up in my imagination and pressuring me to release them into present reality. Get me going and I won’t want to stop, it’s just a matter of rediscovering that rhythmic groove. Layer by layer, I peel away paranoia and reservations. I need to feel like a poet again, a dreamer, and my progression through adulthood is continuously stifling this need. Transforming the mundane into something inspiring, insightful and an altogether original idea is more challenging than it’s ever been before.

I need to “get back to my roots” as they say and disregard practical reason as the voice of all voices. Why waste any more time on this, I am plunging through life way too fast to bother with consequences.


Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist