Ten Year Cycle

Put it to good use. Exercise what you have before time steals the wisdom lying dormant in the forgotten vents of your brain.

It disturbs me to think that I can’t find the motivation to chase after my endangered aspirations.

What kind of person will I be ten more years down the road? Unhappy, restless and uptight? Perhaps we spend a lifetime coming to terms with ourselves, or maybe it’s just me. I do know that I will probably never be completely satisfied, and if I had everything in the world that I ever wanted, I would only want more.

Another lunch break almost spent, four more hours and I’m homeward bound. The wind is picking up and the sky becomes a deeper shade of gray, but I’ll have to watch the incoming storm from a six story building out of a faraway window. I wish I was at home on my porch where the air is always cooler, and the over-hanging trees give shelter from the storm. Four more hours.


Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist