The Vicodin Sisters

Cooped up in an inner city condo relying on the buddy system to leave the premises, they dwell until their prescriptions run out. I have to wonder if they miss me or think about the past as often as I find myself backtracking into the earlier days of youth. How much did it all mean if this is where we are now? How much could it really have mattered? With daddy still fitting the bill in an uptown residence surrounded by the ghetto, they drool and sleep and smoke and steal. I am at this point that lets me let go link by link. Rusted and weakened, beat down by failure to maintain upkeep, bonds are broken and friendships die, I am at this point where my defense is high. Pettiness and paranoia are more than just character flaws when they destroy long-term relationships. They are the strangest strangers I’ve ever known.


Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist