Letter to River Phoenix

September 8, 2016


So what do you think about all of this? Your story is finally being told, the true story, as much as it can be anyway. I knew it wasn’t a drug overdose. Anyone who looks at the research and really takes it to heart, well, you know the rest. Maybe someday in the near future your music will finally be released along with your last movie. Maybe your name will once again grace the airwaves. Maybe your name will once and for all be cleared of the lies that taint your memory. To be honest, if I knew that telling your story would bring so much chaos into my life, there’s no way I would have pursued it. Even now, as the smoke slowly drifts away and I am finally left with a clear path, I’m still apprehensive when presented with the material. But your friends never forgot you. They dedicated their lives to your memory in the hopes of one day fulfilling your dream of exposing and conquering the enemy. As an outsider, I was clueless to how dreadfully difficult this dream was to see to fruition. You once said you wanted to “take the devil’s gold and use it for God”…My dear River, consider it done.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist