Word Warrior

September 7, 2016


One thing I’ve learned in all of this is not to think about the enemy too much. The enemy never wants to admit defeat. Even when the fat lady sings, the enemy will grasp at straws in a vain attempt to maintain control of the situation. It’s a form of psychological warfare that falls absurdly short when you refuse to listen. When you reject their empty threats, it doesn’t matter if the fat lady sings or not – the battle has already been won. I would like to send a word of warning out to my own enemies, and that is, whose side do you think God is on? Surely not those who conjure devils and bully those who respect and abide by His rules. Truly I say unto you, repent and draw back your sword for your mischief will fall upon your own plate. My enemy I will not fear for I am on the side of righteousness. All secrets will be revealed for there is nothing new under the sun. Your time of terror is drawing to a close and we who have lived under your fists of iron shall be made free. Mark my words, you will scatter and cower like dogs when the thunder rolls in with the wrath of God…Best not to think about the enemy too much, their words are not worth my time.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist