Midnight Rant

I was supposed to be the next big thing, the next breakout author whose bestselling sci-fi novel was destined to hit the big screen. It took me about three years to write. Blood, sweat and tears, countless edits and revisions – this book was my golden ticket, my freedom from a dead-end job, my claim to fame – and then I met the devil at the crossroads. He didn’t offer a deal for my soul, not openly anyway, but he did plant a seed. Over the next few months I quickly learned that pop culture was the water that enabled that seed to grow. Books, music, movies, television programs – all of these creative outlets contribute to the big lie.

I could tell you all about the so-called Illuminati, secret societies and doctrines, mystery religions – I could tell you all about the hidden formula presented in plain sight, but honestly, who would believe me? Who could believe me unless they experienced it for themselves? Who could understand the layered meanings behind all those images and messages presented just about everywhere unless they themselves were victims of the big lie?

Perhaps one day I’ll write a memoir about my experience, but for now this blog is enough to pacify my need to share.


Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist