Just Another Millennium

January 1, 2000


A different tint takes to the sky and floats through the clouds imposing as one, and to the blind eye its routine is magnificent. But the world did not end by a slim chance we were saved and so back at the beginning we shall stay watching the clouds dissipate.

What is there to say, I have done nothing since my last page. There is no conclusion to draw. There is no happy ending. There is only an ending, until next time, take care.



Here We Are

December 31, 1999

And if we fall asleep to never awake carry our remains to the ocean depths. Follow behind in a roundabout line until the edge of the world falls into view. And if we are threatened by the light of the sun close our eyes again until we are swimming on a mountain top. Take the lead if the leader trails and change the course if it seems fit. And if nothing appears after all would our existence remain in vain or could we wake up and start over again?

“Come one come all the day is here let’s have a ball.”

Counting Down

December 30, 1999

This room has been a witness to millionaire nights spent smoking cigarette after cigarette searching for the perfect experimental expression. These eyes have walls that barricade any other activity that might disrupt the next commodity of the century. The day is almost upon for tra-la-la and New Year’s bah but nothing will change, nothing at all.

Fall high fall low, the curtains have raised for a sold out show.

Tonight the air tastes solid under my feet but the dew has not rolled in to moisten.

With Love

December 29, 1999

I wanted to write you a verse or two before this century is laid to rest. “I have come a long way since whatever” it’s true, but enough about me this moments for you.

I’ve written a page about a mile long ranting and raving about what has been done but all the while your wishes were ignored and we were wishing for an explanation. What have we been wishing for?

All was not in vain, just like dancing in the rain, all was not in pain, in the sunshine feel no shame.

Present Company

December 28, 1999

There are times when we meet eye to eye, watch the sky. Now walking away, wave goodbye, just a shy. Forgotten in absence, wonder why, milk the sky.

Out here among a different class of people I find it interesting to share what I know and see the ghastly responses that have since enabled me numb.

Look within to discover a grin. On a beautiful day with little to say and calamity well on its way.

We are all poetry in motion, whether it be Shakespeare or Poe.

Putting Them to Use

December 24, 1999

My agility when faced with a crowd sometimes amazes me. I think it might be due to my size for with such a small frame it is easy to squeeze in and out through a collage of bodies.

Maybe it is time for sedition. This up and coming century will no doubt be full of lies from our government that won’t even compare to what we have already been fed.

I will not let my actions become tractable when faced with intimidation.

After the storm I was thrown off by the trajectory of Mother Nature. For you see, she was no longer traveling south. Her sails were now sailing north.

Never will I become jaded by what this earth has to offer. Tomorrow I shall appreciate as I did today and as I did yesterday.

Watch out for flim-flam, it lurks in the garden’s shadows waiting for a chance to strike.

Her songs are euphonious possessing a certain sound that casts me into a trance.

Sometimes when I hear her laughing it reminds me of how she used to weep.

I was insentient when informed about the latest groundbreaking news for all has been heard since ten years before.

Your repartee is wearing thin as I keep wasting breath.

The poison is insipid to my swollen tongue.

The actions of the stranger were of an arcane manner.

Finding the Right Word

December 23, 1999

The man on the moon was exclusively clear last night but painfully looked down with a frown.

Another wasted day but I guess I had some to spare. Maybe I was wrong for the moon looks to be closer tonight than it was last night.

The anticipated year is closing in but my excitement is not at the level I thought it would be.

99% Water

December 23, 1999

I have never been closer to the moon than I was last night. My body and mind were transfixed by the gravitational pull of the celestial body that may very well have once been a part of our blue earth. Imagine what the tides must have been like. I wish I could have seen them. Prowlers of the city were unaware of the invisible force and went about their business talking a little louder, drinking a little harder, and acting a little wilder, but those of us who are in touch know when there is a vibe in the air and recognize the source from which it stems. Every day we are moving further and further away from the moon and sun but at the same time we are standing still.

Almost There

December 22, 1999

Coming into a greater time, dancing and prancing and prancing and dancing. If we would all let down our guards and see each other for who we really are the future may hold a chance. I would like to apologize to anyone I may have hurt for I can honestly say that I meant no harm. I don’t know where to go from here. Once again my writing is forced but I have a goal to finish this journal by the year 2000 and after that I will not be starting a new one. My talk is cheap and until I can play what I hear I shall withdraw my pen. Don’t get me wrong for things have been on the ups, that’s not the problem. My life is excruciatingly boring. There is nothing worth recording my fancy verses.

Let us take an excursion into the sun and vanish under the night of the moon. There is time left to be had for with the power of one word a dull verse can become strikingly beautiful.

Santa and Her Elves

December 20, 1999

If they could see things the way I see things there would be nothing left to see. I have heard that change is gradual, but this, along with any other theory is debatable. Last night I took it easy giving my lungs and my liver a rest so that tonight I may do it all over again. The holidays are here and with my loved ones just within arm’s reach I have no need to mingle. We are all planning on moving and abandoning this place they call Houston, but it is still unknown where we will end up and when we do, shall we arrive together? Only time will tell, and as I feel boredom begin to set in I am counting on change to prove them wrong and make his big entrance.