From Stand By Me, to Running on Empty, to My Own Private Idaho, to Dark Blood, River’s life imitated his art just as mine has for the past two months. Through subliminal messages and programming of which most people are unaware, the subconscious mind reads and soaks up the information. It’s in there and unless you drink the water and erase those images and messages, you seal your own fate without even knowing it.

River’s character dies in a knife fight at the end of Stand By Me. In his last movie Dark Blood, he comes full circle when Boy dies after being struck in the head with an axe during a fight with Harry (Harry, by the way, was his brother’s name in Running on Empty). Stand By Me was River’s breakthrough performance that catapulted his career in Hollywood and also set in stone his pre-determined destiny.

In the below pictures we see the signs all around him. The Blue Point Diner. The face on the rusted piece of metal with the left eye exposed. Ray Brower’s blue shoe. The Hanged Man. River spitting out the water, and finally, the old coffee can that the boys use to chunk rocks into — Hills Brothers Coffee. Notice the picture of the man in yellow drinking from a cup. River died in the Hollywood Hills after drinking a deadly poison from a Dixie cup. Also worth noting, River wears a white shirt during the entire movie; white symbolizing purity, the lamb, the sacrifice.

In the Mosquito Coast, he watches his father die while they float down a river on a raft. He’s left to carry the cross and becomes the father-figure of the family. River supported his entire family and was looked upon as a father figure by his friends and siblings alike. The family in The Mosquito Coast becomes disillusioned by America’s corporatism and moves to the jungles of Central America. River’s own family moved to South America when he was a child after becoming disillusioned by America.

In Running on Empty, his character Danny Pope is abandoned by his family on the side of the road at the end of the movie as they drive away in their truck. While River convulsed outside on the sidewalk, his brother and sister remained inside the club before realizing what was happening. William Richert himself has made the comment that River was abandoned that last night at the Viper Room. Also in Running On Empty, the crown gets knocked off his head during his mother’s birthday party. The fallen king. The sacrifice. The family in Running On Empty continuously change their names and locations because they’re wanted by the FBI. River’s own family changed their last name from Bottom to Phoenix, and as River himself said, “We never stayed in the same place for too long.”

In Little Nikita, his driver’s license bares the same birthdate as River — August 23, 1970. It’s set to expire in 1990 which is around the time REM release their album Out Of Time. Notice also the address Mission Ave and Fountain Grove: River would spit out the water (the fountain) come 1990 and the mission (his predetermined death) would soon follow, signed by his character Jeffrey Grant. Grant = To allow, permit, yield or proceed accordingly.


Aside from his performance in My Own Private Idaho, River’s career lost momentum after 1990. He began laying low, quit giving interviews on camera, and allegedly began taking drugs. Filmed in 1990, MOPI features River’s character Mike Waters feverishly snorting up cocaine. River is said to have had 10x’s the lethal dose of cocaine in his body when he died. At the end of the movie, Mike Waters (wearing a blue shirt) suffers a seizer on the side of the road and is then pick-pocketed by passing motorists. They also steal his shoes. River wears a red jacket and red pants in the movie which are color tones prevalent throughout the entire film. The campfire scene in particular has him dressed in all red next to the fire, a scene which River himself wrote and one that closely resembles the campfire scene from Stand By Me. In both films, River’s character spills his guts out to his best friend.

After the release of MOPI, River appeared in the Rolling Throne photo shoot dated October 31, 1991 the same year as Johnny Depp.

All of these supposed coincidences lead up to River’s last film Dark Blood where a Hollywood couple is stranded in the desert without water. Buffy, the former sex kitten, follows a light through the desert and meets River’s character Boy who becomes their saving grace. Their Bentley symbolizes the control of the Kingship driving their actions through the media, photo shoots, movies, etc. When their car breaks down, they’re left without a driver and become dependent on Boy to drive them where they need to go. I don’t know if River had a hand in writing Dark Blood or not, but he certainly used it to his advantage in order to make a point. When Harry Hollywood throws a temper tantrum because Boy refuses to drive them to the nearest town, “What is this, a fucking riddle? Alice in Wonderland?” he asks after Boy tells them they can’t leave during the heat of the day or by night, Boy replies,

“Mr., I’m trying to do you a big favor.”

And just what is that favor? Dark Blood is full of symbolism. The movie title alone is symbolic of the ability to see signs and symbols everywhere you go (which can be a good thing or a bad thing), but I think this is the bigger picture: River was attempting to expose the wizards behind the curtains by using his own life as an example of how they pull the strings and manipulate unsuspecting celebrities, thereby breaking the spell. The emperor has no clothes because the evidence is too incriminating. At the end of the movie, Harry kills the black dog as well as Boy. The below photo is perhaps the most symbolic scene in the entire film:

Screenshot (156)

Harry the Hollywood actor stands over the black dog as Buffy the sex kitten stands over Boy. In the background the Bentley is shown behind the old rusted truck. Translation: River’s death kills the black dog, the Dogstar, The Kingship, and sets the slaves free — Mr. Hollywood and his sex kitten, aka., the monarch-programmed puppets. They are finally able to drive themselves out of the desert and dictate their own lives and careers because River became the water. Electron Blue.

Screenshot (154)

The above photo also exemplifies what River was trying to accomplish with the black dog following behind Boy. As Jesus said in the desert when tempted by Satan, Get thee behind me, Satan.  

Ed Lachman, the cameraman for Dark Blood, tells an eerie story of River walking up and standing in front of the camera after the last shot of the day. This occurred just hours before his death on Sunday morning, October 31, 1993.

“I find that strange, the last take. Why I didn’t turn the camera off, why there was just enough light in the room to make him a silhouette, why he stood in front of the camera for ten seconds.” (Ed Lachman)


I’ll tell you why, because River knew exactly what he was doing. He did it on purpose to prove a point. He didn’t look into the camera because he had a death wish. It’s symbolic, the final chapter in his book. It certainly grabbed my attention…wait a minute, he says in an interview that the camera scares him, that he doesn’t look at the camera, yet hours before his death he stood in front of the camera for ten seconds… It’s brilliant. River was programmed by the Kingship through his movies and photoshoots to spit out the water and die on Halloween morning. Only, I don’t think River actually meant to sacrifice himself and literally die. I don’t know if someone got the better of him that night at the Viper Room or not, but alive or dead, he recognized the signs and symbols for what they were and regained power even after the well ran dry. He spit out the water, took control and played the game accordingly as Boy explains to Buffy in Dark Blood,

“Magic is just a question of focusing the will.”

 River is Hollywood’s water.

At least, he could be if his story was ever told.