By late 1991, River was on the run. He missed the October Hollywood premiere of My Own Private Idaho (the excuse was that he miscalculated the drive), and had grown increasingly distant from his family. The Rolling Throne spread would have just hit newsstands. This is also around the time he admitted in Details magazine about his painful childhood. It’s difficult to say the amount of abuse River endured at the hands of The Children of God, but we know he suffered sexual abuse. His quote in Details is proof enough, but isn’t it strange that nothing was ever done? The quote was brushed off as a joke, but seriously, who jokes about that kind of stuff? Clearly, it was past time for River to take his medicine.

“I’m glad I did it when I was young, but, I didn’t want those young vaginas and different body parts that were in my face to make me perverse when I was older, so I blocked it out. You’re just born into that reality, and you accept it.” (Details, November 1991)

Details scan

As River reached adulthood, those memories surfaced and his mother was desperate to pour water over the fire. After all, she was most likely the abuser (or at least one of them) but this is bigger than Heart Phoenix. Why would the Hollywood Kingship care if Heart went down for child abuse? Like most cults, The Children of God is a front group for a bigger conspiracy that includes pedophilia rings and child-sex trafficking. These are the groups that produce victims of trauma-based mind control who are programmed to serve whatever purpose for which they were chosen. As explained in my video, Too Many Secrets (Part 3), The Children of God has high-ranking political connections. It’s the true evil that rules the world and it all ties in together. River had to be silenced, and if he refused to have his memories suppressed, if he refused to undergo some type of amnesic reprogramming, the only answer was to have him killed. Both The Kingship and Heart Phoenix apparently agreed on that.

Damage Control

Michael Stipe was called in for damage control. River’s rebellion had to be curbed and Stipe was the perfect candidate to become River’s handler. He was (is) the big time. Having spent a good part of his childhood on a military base in West Germany, Michael Stipe has undergone military-level programming. If anyone could keep River under wraps it was him. While I’m still researching the specifics of the handler/mind-controlled victim relationship, it’s quite a special (if not intimate) one that works like a pyramid. River’s mother was his handler as she most likely has her own handlers, Michael Stipe has his and so on. Here are some links to better understand MK Ultra programming:

61st Annual Academy Awards Luncheon, March 21, 1989

Along with his quote in Details magazine, River also voiced his rebellion through his music. Consider some of the lyrics for Aleka’s Attic’s song, Across the Way:

You live across the way I’ve heard you say
Not in words, you show on face
I use my tongue, wear on sleeve
Hat’s off, my tie’s undone, welcome…
This plan to cross borders, soldiers divide families, that’s reform…

Not only was River rebelling against his controllers/handlers/mother, but he also had quite the political voice. Here’s a quote from River for Valley Vantage in 1993:

“What would you say if I told you that I’m a bigger patriot than George Bush? I can prove it. I can completely prove it. Not only do I live by the Constitution, which he doesn’t, and not only do I have allegiance to our founding forefathers, who had a lot of sense, not like their sons, but there’s a constant lifestyle that backs that practice up. It’s really a farce, the joke’s on the masses that are on their hands and knees before the cross and before the flag, because they’re crossing lines, this whole new world order I think is, is real, a real terrible idea.”

Yes, my friends, River’s fire had to be extinguished but instead of choosing the easy way out and drinking Hollywood’s Kool-Aid, he stood his ground.

Give Him Liberty or Give Him Death

River is said to have met Michael Stipe in January of 1990 at a PETA benefit. From that point on, he was engaged in a game of cat and mouse. When you read about River’s life from 1991 up until his death, he seemed to have bounced around from one friend’s house to the next. He stayed with Gus Van Sant while filming My Own Private Idaho in 1990. He stayed with Flea, Dan Aykroyd and William Richert while filming Sneakers in 1991-92. Below is a phone conversation Richert had with River while he was on break from filming. Notice his reluctance to say where he’s at, and his desire to remain in a public place:

“One time, at ten-thirty in the morning, River calls me up. I ask him, ‘Where are you?’

“He asked me, ‘What are you doing?’

“I said, ‘Well, I’m working here.’

“‘Can I come over and, you know, hang out or something?’ he asked.

“‘Well, I’m really working. Where are you?’

“‘I’m at the airport.’

“‘oh, what time is your flight?’

“‘It’s at 5:45.’

“‘River, it’s 10:30 in the morning!’ I said.

“‘I know. But, I always miss ’em.”

While filming Silent Tongue in 1992, River spent most of his time in Richard Harris’ trailer instead of his own as if he feared being alone:

“He looked upon me as a kind of father figure,” said Harris to Premiere magazine. “He’d knock at my door, ask if he could come in and sleep. He’d fucking sleep on the couch!”

He traveled to Japan with Gus Van Sant, spent time in Costa Rica with his father and constantly surrounded himself with an entourage of friends. Although he technically still lived in Florida with his girlfriend Sue Solgot, even his landlord Melanie Barr reported that she rarely saw him, stating simply, “he was gone a lot.” None of this seems out of the ordinary at first glance, but if River thought his life was in danger (which I obviously believe he did) than these little idiosyncrasies start to add up. This game of cat and mouse is chronicled in R.E.M.’s album, Automatic for the People. Through songs like Drive, The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight, Monty got a Raw Deal, and Find the River, we get a better view of what was really going on in River’s life. In the next few posts I will attempt to prove this theory as it is detrimental to understanding the true story behind the one and only, River Phoenix.

River’s personal assistant, Abby Rude [aka Abby Gorton/Green/Greenberg], once stated that,

“River wanted to break away from the family.”

In an interview for the Documentary, River Phoenix: The Final 24, a stone-faced Abby told the cameraman,

“River didn’t have to die to be free.”

Interestingly, Samantha Mathis called Abby while River was convulsing on the pavement. Abby actually arrived at the scene before the ambulance.


The Kingship/Illuminati/New World Order had good reasons for wanting River silenced, that’s been established, but the evidence of mind control is always difficult to prove. While I don’t pretend to know River’s psychological state of mind, he obviously wasn’t a controlled puppet, as the system desperately wanted him to be. River had gone rogue. Look at the celebrities we have today compared to River. It’s almost as if he was the JFK of Hollywood. If someone refuses to play by the rules, i.e., take their medicine like good little boys and girls, well, off with their heads.

Before getting into R.E.M.’s album Automatic for the People, the next post will be a short crash course in the symbolism of water and a mind control technique known as psychic driving.

Food for Thought: R.E.M.’s song, Monty got a Raw Deal, is all about River playing cat and mouse. Hint: River is Monty.

Oh, one more thing, Monty was a comic strip originally named Robotman which depicted the exploits of a small robot from outer space visiting Earth. Robotman’s origin was later retconned to having been designed and built by Monty and given false memories of being an alien. Although River appears to be Monty in the song, the subject-matter is surely no coincidence.


4 thoughts on “River on the Run


    Have you considered doing an unanswered questions article like the one I linked? I think it would be an effective, quick way to expose the fishy details of that night to people new to the site and to have them in one place so we can try to answer them on our own or even, hopefully, have them answered by someone more directly involved with the case.

    The photographer who was there on the sidewalk estimated that River convulsed for 25 minutes before Joaquin called 911. Why did it took him so long, it’s something that bogs my mind…the incident does not paint him in a positive light. That’s one question I’d like to have answers for,


    1. That’s a damn fine idea, I need to organize the site, make it easier for newcomers to understand. I thought Riv only convulsed for 10 minutes? Do you think maybe Joaquin was under some sort of mind control? It’s the only explanation for him arguing with the bouncer and claiming Riv was diabetic as the paramedics described.


      1. There are many accounts. The Washington Post article on River’s death states that the photographer Ron Davis said it was twenty-five mins before the call, and he was actually cool enough not to take River pictures while dying so I believe him. As for Joaquin I think because of the way he was brought up, perhaps it hadn’t even crossed his mind to dial 911 until somebody told him to. The Phoenix family was a little bit unorthodox in regards to health care… I read Arlyn refused medical help while giving birth to her offspring and there’s River himself talking about never being vaccinated on the Phil Donahue show.

        This only applies to Joaquin and maybe Rain. I wonder what got to Sam…and also why would Joaquin lie about his brother being diabetic.


      2. I know, I’m not into vaccines or going to the doctor either but come on. It’s like he was told to stand down or something. I also read somewhere that Mathis called River’s personal assistant Abby who arrived on the scene before the paramedics. I’m with you though, I believe the photographer’s account. He could have made a ton of money off that night but didn’t.


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