The Apple and the Birdcage is a site dedicated to exposing the truth behind the veil. Whether it’s the Illuminati, the Freemasons, Monarch Programming, MK Ultra, or David Ike’s Reptilian Agenda, here, you will find an honest explanation.

From the monarch slaves of the entertainment industry…
to the Illuminati pyramids…
to the all-seeing eye…

there is one common denominator that rules them all, and that is (quite frankly) sex – singular or plural. It is the driving force and the controlling factor behind all the mystery teachings. It is the gateway to ancient esoteric knowledge and the key to unlocking Masonic secrets. It is the Grand Arcanum spoken of by Albert Pike:      

“…the Grand Arcanum of that secret whose revelation would overturn Earth and Heaven. Let no one expect us to give them its explanation! He who passes behind the veil that hides this mystery, understands that it is in its very nature inexplicable, and that it is death to those who win it by surprise, as well as to him who reveals it.” (Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma) 

The only way to pass behind the veil and discover this great secret is through fornication… take it from someone who won it by surprise.

Put Simply: The pyramids represent pyramidal neurons in the brain, the all-seeing eye represents seeing into the future (or destiny), and monarch programming is mind control from the spiritual realm – The Masonic Light if you will. Butterflies represent spirits/angels who are responsible for passing victims/initiates behind the veil. Through a sex ritual known as hieros gamos (sacred marriage or sacred prostitution), the angelic driver takes over the wheel via pyramidal neurons in the brain which then awakens the kundalini flame. Human metamorphosis, like the butterfly, soon takes place as new patterns of life emerge via chromosomes and cells. Human biology is the key to transformation after mankind mingles itself with the angelic realm.

Folks, we are standing on the edge of the abyss. A fiery trial is on the horizon. Call it the Singularity, call it transhumanism, call it the Age of Aquarius, call it whatever you like but mankind is about to be put to the test. Those who are passed behind the veil will need to make a choice – Jesus Christ or something else. It’s that simple.

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